Who We Are


We are a young creative couple based in Panamá. In 2016 we decided to leave Panama city and establish ourselves in the country, we wanted to find a way of life that would allow us to be closer to nature. We moved to a farm and fused our passions to create Totuma Panamá. The name Totuma comes from the fruit of a tree that is native to Central and South America where it has traditionally been used to craft essential items like bowls and cups, usually carved with intricate drawings. Something natural, beautiful, and functional. 

We foster the realization of space design by offering custom pieces and accessories. Each of our furniture pieces is handcrafted by us at our woodshop, here in Panama. It is important for us to use environmentally respectful sources of wood. That is why we rely first on secondary sources, such as reclaimed lumber, driftwood, and deadwood. This wood is carefully selected, cut, and dried to create original pieces with rich textures, which are also long-lasting and functional. The teak we use comes from trees in a small monoculture plantation. As we extract the wood, we are replacing the trees with diverse native trees. Our purpose in doing this is to revert the damage caused by the monoculture of an exotic species and to rehabilitate the area into the local ecosystem.

Each unique piece is designed to reflect the raw beauty that nature provides in hopes that when you buy from us you are bringing a little of that beauty inside your home. Please feel free to contact us if you have a special order in mind.