Who We Are


We are a creative couple based in Azuero, Panamá. In 2016 we started this project named Totuma Panamá as a space for us to design and create art pieces using a universally beautiful material, wood.


The name "Totuma" comes from the fruit of a tree that is native to Central and South America where it has traditionally been used to craft essential items like bowls and cups, usually carved with intricate drawings. Something natural, beautiful, and functional.


We foster the realization of space design by offering a variety of furniture pieces and other wood items with rich textures, which are long-lasting and functional.


Our process to create each unique product starts with us collecting the raw materials. Knowing where our wood comes from is a fundamental part of our work. We are committed to finding eco-friendly wood options for all of our projects to prevent deforestation. That is why we rely on secondary sources, such as reclaimed lumber, driftwood, and deadwood.


Each unique piece, designed and crafted by us, is made to reflect the raw beauty that nature provides.  


Jina | Designer

Jina was born in Chitre, Panama. With a creative spirit, she has a passion and an eye for design.  Always experimenting with photography, painting, and mixed media art forms. As an Architect,  Artist, and Mother Jina takes pride in her roots. The rich history and tradition of her home peninsula, Azuero, and her life experiences through travel have given her a unique esthetic in her creative process. Fusing the colors and natural elements found in Panamanian culture and nature, she combines a contemporary and mid-century design with a very minimalist approach. In a world with so much excess Jina chooses to practice "the art of less" making it a part of her daily life and work. Jina’s design work is usually represented by clean lines and subtle curves that give way to the more important elements such as the beauty of the material and the functionality of the piece. It's these aspects that truly allows the wood to speak for itself. The end result are pieces that are timeless in design and an ambiance that creates a harmonious experience. 


Derek | Craftsman

Originally from Ohio, USA Derek is a self-taught Craftsman and Father. Derek worked for years in the film and tv industry as a Director of Photography before moving to Panama where he took his hobby of woodworking full time. Derek has an incredible eye for detail in everything he is working on. With his visual background in cinematography, Derek combines his eye for composition, continuity, and symmetry to bring out the harmony of colors and lines that working with such a natural medium like wood allows him to do. As an avid outdoorsman, Derek has always been drawn to nature to find peace and connection with his surroundings. Having that affinity for the world around him has led him on a journey of exploring a real technical aspect and understanding of wood as a medium and how it incorporates and enriches our everyday lives. With a focus on contemporary and mid-century modern construction, Derek uses a mixture of power tools and traditional hand tools to bring his furniture together.  Using the highest quality construction standards and techniques ensures each piece will last a lifetime.